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New Rotting Christ Lyric Video for देवदेवं (Devadevam)

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Hi kids.

I don’t have anything for this week yet (sorry). School started back and I have a new work schedule, and I’ve all but written up a second post on black metal music videos but I hate it right now, so until it looks like something I want to share with people I’m not gonna.

In the meantime, Rotting Christ just released a new lyric video a couple of days ago. It’s a hymn to Shiva, the Hindu Destroyer God, and it’s in Sanskrit, which is kind of super awesome. It has Kathir from Rudra on vocals. A helpful dude in the comments also supplied an unofficial translation.

I plan on reviewing Rotting Christ’s new album Rituals soon, because it’s amazing. If you haven’t heard it yet you should get thee hence and do so, and in the meantime, trance out to this one in particular because it’s great.

I’ll be back with goodies soon.




Happy Birthday, Dead!

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Happy (would be, and slightly belated by about an hour and a half) 45th to Pelle Ohlin, one of black metal’s godfathers. In honor of this day, I’m linking to the following video, which you will probably recognize as the famous Mayhem rehearsal footage video, in glorious HD! This magically appeared on the internet, as far as I know, in the last couple of days. It is lovely.

LOOK AT THAT SMILE. LOOK AT IT. His smile makes me smile.

Happy Birthday, Dead. You had a lovely smile. May you rest in peace always.


Some Silly Black Metal-Themed YouTube Fads

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So I am still working on making the political French black metal post a good one, and in the meantime, I will direct your attention to some humorous videos on YouTube. Regardless of how kvlt we are and how little we may want to admit it, if we allow ourselves to step out of the zone, black metal can be kind of silly sometimes. Perhaps this is why atmosphere is so important- for us to take all the more over the top parts of black metal seriously, we must be willing to pretend for a moment that there is nothing silly about black and white face paint and 12 inch long spikes on gauntlets. Nothing at all. (Note: I happen to think that corpsepaint is amazing, and I know that there are deeper meanings behind it than those whom Nathan Explosion would refer to as “regular jackoffs” can see. That’s not the point I’m making. The point I’m making is that if you don’t get corpsepaint, you really don’t get corpsepaint).

I’m going to address these simply in categories, because there seem to be several people posting them. First, there are

60s Surf Rock Covers

I don’t know where the idea came from to do 60s surf rock covers of black metal songs, but it’s brilliant. The posters usually alter the titles somehow to correspond with cheesy surf rock titles (well, except in the case of Dunkelheit, which I suppose would be difficult to surf-ify). They are actually pretty catchy arrangements for the most part, and probably the only way you’ll get your mother to sit through “Transilvanian Hunger.”

[This is probably my favorite. Sometimes I listen to it just to listen to it]

[There is one for Beherit. That makes me happy]

8-Bit Black Metal Covers

Many moons ago, Darth Eniak’s “I Am the Black Robots” showed up on Reddit. I thought it was about the most awesome thing ever, and when I went to YouTube to investigate further I learned that 8-bit black metal is totally a thing. Like, way more popular than the surf rock thing. Everyone with a mixing program on their computer seems to have done one of these, and that’s probably why there are some that are much better than others (perhaps it’s just me, but some black metal songs don’t really lend themselves to 8-bit remixes). For those of us who straddle the line just a bit between music geekery and nerd culture, however, they are a lot of fun.

[Even in MIDI format, Windir is epic]

[Darth Eniak’s versions are still my favorites. I love the extra work he put into recreating the music video in this one]

Cooking Shows

Obviously, the most famous of black metal cooking shows is Vegan Black Metal Chef. He utilizes those over the top black metal tropes I mentioned above while teaching you how to cook some really great meals (I have made a couple myself. Vegan Black Metal Chef knows what’s up). There are others who have tried their hand at the black metal cooking show as well, and also videos depicting black metallers cooking things, because hey, we’re good in the kitchen.

[The All Star Redneck Medley is YUM. You can also buy the episodes on DVD now]

[This guy also cooks on YouTube. He reminds me of a cross between the above and Epic Meal Time. I wouldn’t eat that sandwich, but I love his decor]

By the way, if any of you know where I can get an altar to cut my potatoes on, please let me know.


Black metal is very easy to parody for the reasons I mentioned above- unless you are a black metal fan, it probably appears very silly. Often these parodies come in the shape of music videos and song parodies. The humor often lies in over exaggeration, or in taking the music out of context in some way.

[The Black Satans are probably the most famous parody black metal band]

[Andy Rehfeldt’s song parodies are hilarious, especially when Dark Funeral starts singing about Santa]

Black Metal Fans

Some of the best of these videos, I think, are the ones in which black metal fans make fun of themselves. These play on the same conventions that I mentioned earlier, but they take them to another level, depicting black metal fans in the way that regular jackoffs probably assume we are. Usually the videos depict regular dudes doing regular stuff… but with corpsepaint.

[To this day, every time I hear “One By One” I think of this]

[Teach ‘em while they’re young]


So there you have it. Some fun and amusing black metal themed shenanigans, because school is picking up on my end and I need some fun and amusement. Believe me when I say I have a lot of great ideas for the blog before the year is out, as long as I can find time to write them. I plan to do something Sunday, even if it is small.

Until then,


The New Dethklok Video is Hilarious and Awesome and also NSFW (Just to Warn You)

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So, the nice guys over at Metal Sucks informed me (as well as everyone else who reads that site) that Dethklok has a new video out for their song “I Ejaculate Fire.” The song itself is what you would expect from Dethklok- catchy, highly accessible melodic riffs and so on and so forth. It is great music to bang your head to and good for a laugh as well, however, which is really what you want from Dethklok. The video is part lyric video (which has become quite a trend lately. Samael recently did an excellent one for their song “In Gold We Trust”), part PSA warning about the dangers of not being careful where you stick your naughty bits. Basically, it’s hilarious, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any funnier, the last scene happens. Ha.

Be warned, the video is NSFW, and you should probably be 18 to watch it and all that jazz.

<p><a href=”″>Dethklok – I Ejaculate Fire (Official Music Video)</a> from <a href=””>Williams Street</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Dethklok is also touring the US this fall, which is awesome, but means I will have to re-evaluate my concert attendance. Showing up to a Dethklok show with an “Explode Me” shirt is another bucket list item (Nathan is totally my type). It’s just something I have to do.

Dates are below, courtesy of Metal Sucks (who got them courtesy The PRP).

10/30 Norfolk, VA – Norva
10/31 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
11/02 Silver Spring, MD – Fillmore
11/03 New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom
11/04 Worcester, MA – Palladium
11/05 Montreal, QC – Metropolis
11/07 Toronto, ON – Sound Academy
11/08 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
11/09 Columbus, OH – LC Pavilion
11/10 Detroit, MI – Fillmore
11/11 Grand Rapids, MI – Orbit Room
11/13 Fargo, ND – The Venue
11/14 Minneapolis, MN – Myth
11/15 Milwaukee, WI – Rave / Eagles Club
11/16 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
11/17 Kansas City, MO – Midland
11/18 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
11/20 Denver, Co – Fillmore
11/21 Salt Lake City, UT – Great Salt Air
11/23 Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO
11/24 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
11/26 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater
11/27 Hollywood, CA – Palladium
11/28 Phoenix, AZ – Marquee
11/30 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues
12/01 Austin, TX – Stubbs
12/02 Houston, TX House of Blues
12/04 Orlando, FL – House Of Blues
12/06 Chattanooga, TN – Track 29
12/07 Charlotte, NC – Fillmore
12/08 Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle


Black Metal Videos

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In keeping with the theme of over-theatricality from my post on Cradle of Filth earlier this week, today we will address black metal videos. This has been on my mind lately, as Marduk has a new video out (strange, huh?).

The black metal music video is an extremely weird genre. In a subgenre as opposed to the mainstream music business as black metal is, music videos almost seem counterproductive. And yet, they show up. Sometimes they are very good. But not often.

In the black metal scene there are certainly the classic videos, and those I don’t want to look at much today. Primarily because you’ve probably already seen them, and in my efforts to bring you to new horizons, I want to show you things you may not have seen.

[You’ve probably seen this, but I’m putting it here in case you haven’t, because you must]

Immortal is perhaps as good a place to start as any, as their videos are legendary for being silly (see above). Immortal is a shining example of the fact that it’s difficult to make a serious music video if you’re dressed up in corpsepaint and leather. You just look kind of ridiculous, even if you’re being serious. The best part of Immortal’s videos, however, is that the music is still Immortal, and therefore, still amazing. Their most recent album, All Shall Fall, had a video accompanying the title track that they released when their DVD came out (which I still need to get). It, while still full of classic Immortal goofiness, is a very good video.

[My favorite part is the fact that Demonaz makes a cameo. Made my little black heart sing]

Also always ready to contribute to the silly black metal music video department is Dimmu Borgir. They are both blessed and cursed, I think, to be the biggest band related to black metal on the market. And attention from the mass media calls for music videos. Unfortunately, they tend to turn out like this:

[This may be the silliest thing they’ve ever done. Which is impressive]

Their most recent album, Abrahadabra, which bummed me out in a number of ways but isn’t the point of today’s post, came accompanied by a music video for the track “Gateways,” which, with its lack of forests and abundance of white, looks less like a black metal video and more like a commercial for everyone’s favorite dairy drink.

[Got milk?]

Satyricon is probably most famous for their “Mother North” video, which is fantastically cheesy but also really cool. They have also released videos for their later works.

[“Ahem, ladies. I’m drumming. BUSY.”]

As you can see, little has changed- there’s still scantily clad women, and Satyr’s glossy, shiny hair. This video depicts Frost destroying a drum set in all his glory (he is amazing. I am not completely bummed that he won’t be playing with 1349 in a couple of weeks because 1349, but he would have been the icing on my metal cake).

My searching in black metal videos also taught me that apparently Emperor made videos. This is strange to me. Emperor would not have struck me as a band that would make a music video (but then again, neither does Marduk). But they have, however, and you would think that they would be no less dramatic, but still somewhat subdued.

[You’d be wrong, though]

Well, they were young, and besides, I still think that Emperor just might be the greatest black metal band ever. They can do what they want, in other words, and still be perfectly fine because my goodness is that a good track. This video is more of the kind I’d expect from Emperor, however.

[Same band. Different kind of awesomeness]

Marduk has released a couple of music videos, too, and they are equally strange. First there’s this. It often gets an 18+ rating on YouTube, which is confusing to me as it’s pretty much just Mortuus rolling around in the dirt and screaming a lot:

[It’s plenty disturbing, but I don’t know that there’s anything 18+ about it]

And then there is the new video, which is a little cheesy in the way that black metal videos will be, but Mortuus in particular is on his scariest behavior.

[Hello there. Yikes]

Also dramatic are the kids from Poland. I’m not going to show any Behemoth videos because they are easily stumbled upon, but this video I have seen less interest in, and that’s weird because it is a lot of fun.

[DUDE. Check out them horns]

And remember Hate? The guys I went on about a couple of weeks ago? They have made videos too. Here is one of them, for which I will issue a warning because it contains some artistic nudity. But I promise you it is one of the unsexiest things ever.

[Unless, you know, vomit is your thing]

As you can see, the black metal video market is alive and well. We’ve come a long way from the performance vids of Immortal, but the theatricality has, if anything, gotten more grandiose. At the same time, Marduk’s video for “Throne of Rats” seems to serve as proof that black metal videos can be decidedly unfunny and serious if gone about it correctly, as well as showing that sometimes all you really need is some moist dirt and a bloody vocalist. The videos themselves do a great job of demonstrating the precarious nature of black metal, always straddling the line between the silly and the sublime, even if the silliness is often unintentional (I have my doubts about the Immortal videos, though).

Until Sunday.