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Hagalaz’ Valentine’s Playlist

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Well, it’s that time of year again, when everyone starts pairing off in preparation for the annual spring mating season, which may or may not come to Minnesota this year considering that within the past couple of days we have plummeted into a second ice age. I will be spending MY Valentine’s day with some Schell’s Chimney Sweep and some retro sci-fi flicks, along with mini bundt cakes that my sent me in the mail. Which is really just as well.

Image from fuckyeahmetalecards on tumblr.

Image from fuckyeahmetalecards on tumblr.

But since nothing says “I love you” like a heaping pile of noisy extremity, I decided that I would post a playlist today for all your Valentine’s needs. So without further ado…

#11. Iron Maiden- 22 Acacia Avenue

For all the lonely hearts out there, Charlotte’s gotcha covered.

#10. Bathory- Woman of Dark Desires

Who knows how far Ms. Bathory’s desires went beyond bathing in the blood of virgins?

#9. Ghost- Monstrance Clock

Let’s play the word association game, boys and girls!

#8. Mayhem- Necrolust

Yeah, ok. So that’s pretty self-explanatory.

#7. Cannibal Corpse- Fucked With a Knife

You know. If you’re into that sort of thing.

#6. The Devil’s Blood- Cruel Lover

“I am the sound of the whip, and the pleasure of slaves…”

#5. Anal Cunt- I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human

Ah, romance.

#4. Gorgoroth- Unchain My Heart

Every time I hear this song or see the title, I’m reminded of the following, which was a big hit back when I was in junior high.

#3. Marduk- Bleached Bones

You know, in case you want some more necrophilia.

#2. Carcass- Microwaved Uterogestation

“Genital Grinder” is the obvious choice here. But you have to admit there’s something romantic about “Microwaved Uterogestation,” too.

#1. Celtic Frost- Tristesses de Lune

Because I love this song. So there.

So yes. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.



Concert: Cannibal Corpse Torture Tour 2012 (4/16, Des Moines, IA. People’s Court)

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Monday night was the tail end of metal weekend- Cannibal Corpse and Exhumed. Too bad Watain ended up cancelling Sunday, that would have been excellent. But it was not to be (though I’m keeping my ears perked for reschedules) and this metal weekend will have to suffice (and will, really. My neck still hurts). On with the death metal!

The first band that opened was a band from California called Arkaik. They seemed pretty good; I’m not big into death metal so I have a hard time sometimes determining. Their drummer, however, was amazing. Skinny kid, and he destroyed that kit.

[Seriously. Watch that guy.]

The next band was Abysmal Dawn. I’m much more a fan of this kind of death metal- Morbid Angel-esque. I like my death metal thrashy, rather than techy or brutal (don’t get me wrong. I’ll never turn it down live, but I don’t need to listen to a lot of it).

[This song reminds me a little of Immolation. And perhaps I haven’t gone on here yet about how I love Immolation, but they are my favorite death metal band. As I said, this is much more my kind of death metal]

Next up was Exhumed! I love Exhumed; I got to see them last July as well, and they were fantastic (even though the air was broken in the Mews… hottest, most miserable show I’ve ever been to). Exhumed is another band I’m really fond of; they’re gore-grind, and I love me some good grindcore. They also always work their own merch booth, or they have the times I have seen them. They are really nice guys as well as being a great live band. They also never got as big as they should have, so supporting them is kind of like rooting for the underdogs. They are some of the goodguys.

[Off their newest album, All Guts, No Glory. Great song]

Exhumed upped the ante with the theatrics this time- they had a dude dressed in bloody surgeon’s gear run out onstage with a chainsaw at one point, and then at the end the guy came back out holding a fake head and dumped fake blood on the people in the front of the crowd. As a big fan of old cult horror movies and B-movies, I love Exhumed’s silly horror schtick.


[This is the t-shirt I got. They are exactly like that]

Cannibal Corpse finished off the night… it was incredible. They are one of those bands I have always appreciated because I find great amusement in titles like “Entrails Ripped from a Virgin’s Cunt,” but I have never really gotten into them. Like I said before, black metal is my thing, and death metal is still largely foreign territory to me. Because of that, the only song they played that was really distinguishable to me was “Hammer Smashed Face.” However, that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself immensely; when I heard they were coming through Des Moines, I knew I did not want to miss this opportunity. And I’m glad I did; just watching their bassist play live was worth the $20 I paid for the ticket.

One of the best parts of death metal, I think, is the humour that a lot of the bands bring to it. Cannibal Corpse is no exception; at one point, Corpsegrinder challenged a guy who claimed he could headbang faster than him. It was no contest, of course. My friend says that Corpsegrinder’s neck is a national treasure, and it should be, as he has not yet managed to paralyze himself.

[Really. How is he up and walking around?]

I was starting to fade a little towards the end of the set- I had not quite recovered from seeing Behemoth at that point, and my neck was starting to really hurt. It was a fantastic show though. The mosh pit was a good one too, as it often is when people are happy. Cannibal Corpse played 20 songs- about an hour and a half. We had a great time, and this show provided a nice contrast to the previous night’s occultism. I highly recommend catching this tour if you can. Some seriously great musicians with some seriously great personalities. A whole lot of talent on one stage.