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Hagalaz’ Valentine’s Playlist

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Well, it’s that time of year again, when everyone starts pairing off in preparation for the annual spring mating season, which may or may not come to Minnesota this year considering that within the past couple of days we have plummeted into a second ice age. I will be spending MY Valentine’s day with some Schell’s Chimney Sweep and some retro sci-fi flicks, along with mini bundt cakes that my sent me in the mail. Which is really just as well.

Image from fuckyeahmetalecards on tumblr.

Image from fuckyeahmetalecards on tumblr.

But since nothing says “I love you” like a heaping pile of noisy extremity, I decided that I would post a playlist today for all your Valentine’s needs. So without further ado…

#11. Iron Maiden- 22 Acacia Avenue

For all the lonely hearts out there, Charlotte’s gotcha covered.

#10. Bathory- Woman of Dark Desires

Who knows how far Ms. Bathory’s desires went beyond bathing in the blood of virgins?

#9. Ghost- Monstrance Clock

Let’s play the word association game, boys and girls!

#8. Mayhem- Necrolust

Yeah, ok. So that’s pretty self-explanatory.

#7. Cannibal Corpse- Fucked With a Knife

You know. If you’re into that sort of thing.

#6. The Devil’s Blood- Cruel Lover

“I am the sound of the whip, and the pleasure of slaves…”

#5. Anal Cunt- I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human

Ah, romance.

#4. Gorgoroth- Unchain My Heart

Every time I hear this song or see the title, I’m reminded of the following, which was a big hit back when I was in junior high.

#3. Marduk- Bleached Bones

You know, in case you want some more necrophilia.

#2. Carcass- Microwaved Uterogestation

“Genital Grinder” is the obvious choice here. But you have to admit there’s something romantic about “Microwaved Uterogestation,” too.

#1. Celtic Frost- Tristesses de Lune

Because I love this song. So there.

So yes. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.



More Pics from Behexen/Sargeist

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As promised, some pics from black metal weekend. It occurs to me that I must not have gotten any pics of Behexen- was too busy headbanging I guess. Enjoy!

My farewell party. He was displeased that I was gone all weekend.

My farewell party. He was displeased that I was gone all weekend.

The lovely A at the Beat Kitchen, rocking the Emperor shirt

The lovely A at the Beat Kitchen, rocking the Emperor shirt

Kommandant's vocalist. His new get-up is terrifying

Kommandant’s vocalist. His new get-up is terrifying



Just one of the many curiosities from the awesome sushi place/Japanese grocery store

Just one of the many curiosities from the awesome sushi place/Japanese grocery store

Mugging for the camera with my bow to match my battle jacket

Mugging for the camera with my bow to match my battle jacket



Jex Thoth

Jex Thoth

I liked her dancing

I liked her dancing





Concert: Sargeist/Acid Witch/Empyreus/Strix Nebulosa/Jex Thoth (7/6, Beat Kitchen, Chicago)

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***NOTE: Alas, there are no vids this time. For some reason, WordPress (or this post in particular, perhaps) is not letting me embed videos. So I don’t have those for you. I do have a few pictures from the shows, but they aren’t all uploaded on my computer so I will have to do a follow up post of those.***

Night two of my and A’s black metal weekend was a significantly longer bill, featuring a wide range of music. I was a bit in shock that I was going to get to see Sargeist- I figured that would never happen, even less of a chance than Behexen. Also, I was looking forward to seeing Acid Witch as A really loves them, as well as Jex Thoth, because I have fallen pretty hard for that weird 60s occult rock stuff. The crowd was also substantially bigger than the previous night; I think a lot of people were there for Acid Witch, as they don’t seem to play live often. Also, as I mentioned before, I think Sargeist live is an even rarer event than Behexen.

The show started off with Jex Thoth, who danced up on stage wearing a Red Riding Hood-like cape (I have a similar one, actually!) and carrying burning sage. As much as I love my black metal, I’d say that she was seriously in danger of stealing the show- the crowd adored her, and she would often jump down into the crowd to give people sage to hold and to whisper in certain people’s ears. For me, the performance was really cool because it was such a huge contrast to The Devil’s Blood- Jex Thoth is constantly in movement when she’s performing in direct contrast with The Mouth of Satan- even though the music evokes the same era. It was very cool to see the Satanic 60s depicted in a different way.

Next up was Strix Nebulosa. Their approach to black metal was an interesting one considering the crowd- these guys seem to use a more pagan, nature-y commentary on the genre as opposed to a Satanic one. When the vocalist announced that “there is no God, no Satan, only Nature,” A and I exchanged looks; them’s strong words in that crowd. I missed the very first part of Strix Nebulosa’s set, but ended up catching most of it, and I have to say that I enjoyed what I saw. It’s not easy to pull off two-man black metal, and they managed to do it well.

The next band was a local Chicago band called Empyreus, whom I really enjoyed. Empyreus’ style of black metal was more bombastic than Strix Nubulosa’s, and you could tell that this group had been playing together for quite a while. I saw a number of people in the crowd sporting their shirts, so they clearly are well known locally. Their original stuff was excellent, and as an added surprise they played a very well received cover of Celtic Frost’s “Morbid Tales.”

After Empyreus, we switched gears entirely, moving on to the deathy doom of Acid Witch. As I mentioned above, I never really listened to Acid Witch, but considering that horror movies are my other big geekery, I am officially a fan now. Their use of synth is really cool, and I love the cackles that the vocalist throws in. Unfortunately, there seemed to be some miscommunication between the band and the venue in terms of how much time they had- Acid Witch had two more songs to play when they were told they had to stop. The crowd was upset, as seeing Acid Witch play is seemingly a rarer occurrence than I had realized, but in the interest of not pissing off the Finns (they don’t seem like the type you’d want to piss off), it was probably for the best. The guys from Acid Witch were also super cool and very professional about the whole thing, and I enjoyed getting to talk horror movie soundtracks briefly with them.

Finally, Sargeist took the stage, plunging us once again into Satan sans the Sam Rami-esque camp. By this point my neck was starting to get understandably sore (I haven’t done two nights in a row in quite a while), but I couldn’t help but bang my head anyway. My heart jumped up in my throat when they played songs that I knew from listening sessions with J, and it was cool to see several of the same guys in a slightly different element than the previous night. I assumed that they would just use the same members for each night, but turns out they brought the whole crew- while Shatraug (guitar), Horns (drums), and Hoath Torog (vocals) were back for round two, another guitarist and bassist joined them on stage.

Sargeist started out with “Satanic Black Devotion,” and also played “Black Fucking Murder” from the same album. After the show, a couple of friends of mine suggested that hearing “Let the Devil In” would have made the night just that much better, but damn if it wasn’t a hell of a show anyway. Sargeist played a little bit longer than Behexen did the night before, but the night was still entirely too short. On the way out, I thanked Shatraug for the wonderful weekend and wished him and the bands safe travels on their tour before heading back to the hotel for a much needed shower and to split a bottle of Surly Pentagram with A.

As I mentioned last time, Sargeist was completely out of merch, so I didn’t end up getting anything from them but the patch from the night before (which is good, honestly- it meant I had gas money to get back to the Cities). I ended up with a Jex Thoth shirt. The merch guy asked if it was ok if it had European tour dates from 2012 on the back, and I said sure, that I thought the little demon dude on the front was cute. He reminds me of Clive Barker’s artwork, or of the little wolf dude from the new Arckanum record.


A little blurry. But you get the picture (no pun intended)

Europe dates I didn't go to

Europe dates I didn’t go to

Overall, it was a killer weekend, and I’m very happy that I finally mustered up the courage to get down to Chicago to see someone. The trip down, I learned, is actually not all that bad, although the construction outside of Chicago (which I’m told has been there for a couple of years) was a real pain. I’ve never been to a city the size of Chicago, and I still haven’t really considering that A and I acted like stereotypical black metal fans and didn’t really leave our hotel, but considering the shootings that went on that weekend that’s probably for the best. Despite that, I know now that it’s not the worst drive to get down there, especially if we leave early, and that Chicago is a perfectly reasonable destination to travel to for concerts.

Also, I saw two bands that I never thought I’d get to see live, and they were incredible. This weekend helped remind me of why I love black metal so much, and I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to see Sargeist and Behexen.

Infernal hails!




Selim Lemouchi

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This is just a bit overdue, in more ways than one. But, now it’s spring break and I can hear myself think again, and I’ve had some time to digest the news of Selim Lemouchi’s death. Honestly, I’m very, deeply sad about this. The Devil’s Blood is one of the most inspirational live acts I’ve ever seen, and I find myself increasingly grateful that I got to see them play an extended set on the Decibel Tour before they broke up (I knew there would be other opportunities to see Watain). Selim Lemouchi’s solo stuff is also incredible- I need to get me a copy of that album.

As J and I were discussing the other day, it could have been a heart attack, but 33 is awful young for that sort of thing, and things like In Solitude’s lovely post and the complete silence from Selim’s sister make us think that this was a suicide in the vein of Jon Nödtveidt. In which case, if it was, I am sure he had his reasons. Regardless of what actually happened, we have one less brilliant creative mind in the world.

The important thing is that I got to see Selim play live and had the honor of saying hello after the show, an experience for which I am extremely grateful.

Reign in Chaos, Selim. See you on the other side; give Jon our regards.

RIC Selim Lemouchi  (1980-2013) Photo from

RIC Selim Lemouchi
Photo from

Hagalaz’ Top 10 Not-Just-Black-Metal Albums of 2013

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… Is posted over at Burning Fist. Go read it! And then listen to In Solitude and Satan’s Host! And listen to the new Carcass again (as though you needed any persuading to do that).


For the Love of Live Music, Consider Signing This Petition

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This petition came to my attention the other day via a friend on Facebook, and I wanted to post it here so that you could sign it if you haven’t. The Canadian government apparently wants to drastically increase the amount of money that musicians have to pay to tour there, which will not only cut down on the amount of live music that Canadians will get to see, but will also be very harmful to small venues and businesses. I don’t think I need to go far towards explaining that for metal bands other than, say, Metallica and their ilk, this legislation is very bad news- any smaller metal bands will be right out of the running for getting to tour Canada. As I am now living in a routine stop on the way to Winnipeg, I can assure you, Canadian metal fans, you don’t want this thing to pass. Marduk and Inquisition are just a couple of bands in the past year that have come up your way. And of course, that is not to mention the smaller bands trying to get off the ground; False just played in Canada, for instance. This cost increase passes and they won’t be able to again.

So please consider adding your signature to the petition if you haven’t already. I did, and I hate signing up for things on the internet. And tell your friends, too, because this is an issue that affects ALL music genres.

Concert: Kylesa/Blood Ceremony/White Hills/Lazer/Wülf (6/3, Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN)

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After living in the Twin Cities for almost a year, I finally attended my first show at the Triple Rock. I like the venue a lot- I got harassed on the street just walking two blocks from my car, which was creepy, but that’s not the venue’s fault. I don’t know whether or not I’m ashamed to admit that I sat down for the whole show, but there were seats at the back of the standing room and I am so short I could see a lot better while sitting down. The bar also looked very big, if that is your thing. Room for the merch tables and still plenty left over for people to maneuver around. The crowd was diverse; I knew a couple of people there, mostly, I think people who were there for Blood Ceremony. It was nice to see a whole bunch of new people, however, and they are people I kept seeing cropping up at the local shows I went to this past week, so that is good too.

I had never heard of Lazer/Wülf, and unfortunately I got there late into their set. I thought the show started at 8, but apparently it was a little earlier. The band is from Athens, GA, and plays what Encyclopedia Metallum refers to as “experimental death metal/groove/thrash.” I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but I do know that I really enjoyed the little bit of Lazer/Wülf that I got to see. I think they are mostly an instrumental band, or at least the parts I saw didn’t seem to have a lot of vocals. Also, their drummer is fucking amazing. He was easily one of my favorite parts of the night.

Next up was White Hills, a psychedelic band from New York. They have a female bassist (hooray more girls in metal) who is very good, and an excellent guitarist as well. My memory of their set is a little fuzzy (that’s what happens when I write these things a week and a half later), but I do remember that I liked it a lot. I’m really enjoying this psychedelic throwback thing that seems to be getting really popular.

Speaking of that, Blood Ceremony was really on top of things. Their vocalist was extremely charismatic onstage, which is refreshing since most people seem to freeze when there’s a keyboard in front of them. The flute interludes were also really nice, adding another retro element to the mix that isn’t always present in retro-occult rock. I really like this 60s-inspired music about the Devil, as it hearkens to the time when Satanism broke from the underground. It’s a fun sort of thing, and Blood Ceremony is one of the better bands that does it.

Finally, Kylesa took the stage, complete with awesome video-backdrop. I confess I hadn’t listened to much of Kylesa before this show (I had been streaming their new album, which is awesome, on Pitchfork), but I have also been listening to A LOT of Kylesa and anything sludgy I can get my hands on since. They were absolutely awesome live, and it was fun to be back and up where I could see the crowd colliding to the music. I heard rumors that they were down to one drummer, but there were two on this night, and I was glad I got to see that as my friend says it is one of the things that always made Kylesa special.

They played a mix of songs from the albums of theirs I have heard, including the new one. Long Gone is one of my favorites from the new album, and it was incredible live. We also got an encore, and lots of promises that Minneapolis is one of their favorite places to play (of course it is. MPLS digs Kylesa). A friend of mine said that someone told him they were boring live, but personally, I think live is the best way to watch this kind of music (also, post-rock is best live, methinks).

I ended up with a t-shirt with an owl on it, and that’s rad. I wanted to buy the new album but they were all sold out of them. Sadly they were also sold out of the blue version of this shirt in small/medium- I am trying to buy more not-black shirts, since I have like a million.

Put a bird on it.

Put a bird on it.

I really enjoyed this show, even though I had the thought that it was weird to pair these bands together (Kylesa and Blood Ceremony sounds like a really weird tour, and once you throw the other two in it’s even weirder). That being said, it was fun in a lot of ways because I know for a fact that some of my friends who were stoked for Blood Ceremony would never ordinarily be into Kylesa, and I know that at least a few of them stuck around. Me, I like psychedelic stuff and I like sludge, so I was pretty happy all around. Lazer/Wulf’s drummer was the surprise of the evening for me; I will have to check out more of their material. I have also been listening a lot lately to Kylesa (just bought their new one; will report back) and bands that sound like Kylesa, so that worked as well. All and all a great night.