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Up and Coming/ Local Legends: False (Minneapolis, MN)

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Great news, everybody! The greatest band you’ve never heard of is going back on tour! False is an excellent little black metal band from Minneapolis, MN, and I have never managed to see them live so this news is great for me. They were supposed to open for the Wolves in the Throne Room show that was cancelled in August last year, so I missed them then, and then I had planned to see them in Oklahoma while I was home for the holidays and never could get the address in time (I had communicated with their drummer online but between them being on tour without internet access and me unable to leave to make it to the venue in time it didn’t happen). Just recently they opened for Negură Bunget in St. Paul, and neither me nor my friend Jamie knew about it (they weren’t listed on the bill). So FINALLY, I will get to see them.

False is straight up, underground black metal. They follow the Wolves in the Throne Room method of really, really long songs, and their self-titled EP, which featured two of them, was no. 14 on Decibel’s 40 Best Albums of 2011.

[This is one]

False is determined to maintain the DIY and underground ethic, too. Their albums are only on vinyl for physical copies, although I downloaded the EP online for $5 (which you might can still do as well. I do plan on getting the vinyl sometime, maybe when I see them, and *hopefully* get it signed. I think it’d be great to have a piece of local lore like that, especially from a band I love). They have been playing primarily DIY venues, so they can be hard to find sometimes. They also don’t publicize well, so I had no idea they were opening for Negură Bunget. I suppose, however, that will just make seeing them in August that much sweeter. I’ve been waiting for this for a year now.

[When they opened for Negură Bunget. Yes, their vocalist is a tiny girl. Which is AWESOME]

False has a new song out on a split with Barghest through Gilead Media that you can listen to at good ol’ Decibel. The split (on vinyl only) will be available in August, but it looks like you can pick up False’s EP from Gilead Media.

Give False a listen (and then get thee hence and to the nearest date to you!). Trust me. You won’t regret it.



[Also, if you enjoyed my post on black metal lyrics (or even if you hated it and completely disagree with me), my friend Jamie posted a response on his blog. You can find that here:]


Up and Coming: Massakren

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So a couple of months ago now, I had the chance to get to see Chicago-based Massakren in Des Moines. They’re a young group, and they’re very talented. I’d heard a couple of songs of theirs before the show, and their live set sounded every bit as good as the studio recording. It’d be great if they could get a live keyboardist so they don’t have to use the samples, but they did a great job with what they had.

[This song has that Death Cult Armageddon-era Dimmu sound, which as far as I’m concerned is a good thing. The thrashier parts remind me sorta of Watain].

Unfortunately, most of the crowd was there to see a hardcore/ techno group instead, so they weren’t as into Massakren as they should have been, but they put on a great show nonetheless. I’d like for them to get to tour with more of a metal lineup sometime, as I think they’d get more of the recognition they deserve. They are very professional and clearly put a lot of work into making sure their live show comes off as well as they plan for it to, and it’d be nice for them to play in front of a metal crowd that had more appreciation for what they are doing.

I got to meet their vocalist and bassist, too, and they were really nice and humble guys. They were excited to be out on the road, and I think that they’ve landed a record deal, which they totally deserve.

[This is my favorite Massakren song. It was rad live, too.]

The trve kvlt black metal fans probably won’t dig Massakren, because they’ve got solos (good ones, at that, and people who gripe about solos in black metal must have not heard Watain, which is a pity), and they’re certainly not doing the low-fi thing. It’s a very clean sound, and they’re very young, which I think may get them dismissed as too cute or wholesome. But listen to it! Seriously! These guys play very well together, and their sound is tight and well-controlled. And the fact that they’re as good live as in the studio is very promising. Whether or not they’re kvlt enough for you, you can’t deny that Massakren is talented, and they’ll be going places. I, for one, am excited to see what they’ll do.

[As you can see, they utilize a lot of different styles. It’s the other thing that gets me really excited about Massakren. They’re pulling from a lot of influences, and what they’re doing with them is great.]

You can buy Massakren’s self-titled EP on iTunes for $4.95 (USD). Their MySpace:

They’re on Facebook too!:

Keep an eye out for Massakren. I will be, and I’ll keep you updated.