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Burning Fist Review: Myrkur!

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And this one. Man. I love Myrkur’s new album. Check it out. Seriously. And then stay tuned, because I’m gonna post about ladies in metal soon.



Battlecross at Burning Fist!

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And my review of the latest Battlecross album! Not my typical pickings, but I saw them live before anyone knew who they were and they put on such a fun show and were such nice people that I was happy to do them a good turn and review an album for them. Read it here.


Burning Fist Review: Wolvhammer/Krieg Split

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Read my review of the new Wolvhammer/Krieg split on Burning Fist! (Incidentally, I have since listened to the entire Wolvhammer album. I think every other song on it is better than the one they put on the split. So there’s that.)


Concert: The Lord Weird Slough Feg/ Bible of the Devil/ United Teachers of Music/ Nightosaur (7/11, Triple Rock, Minneapolis)

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***HERE IS My Slough Feg live report from back in July. It was fun, and now you can know about it, for all the good it will do you if you were wondering if you should see Slough Feg on that tour. (My indication from the show was that you should always see Slough Feg on tour.)***

I will admit, I had absolutely no idea that Slough Feg was coming to the Cities until my friend asked me if I was going to see Slough Feg. I don’t know their catalog very well (unlike EVERYONE else at the show, clearly), as I only became familiar with the band in the last year or so, but I like traditional heavy metal and I enjoy Slough Feg’s approach. Also, I was looking forward to catching Bible of the Devil, who I’ve wanted to see since J raved about them to me several years ago.

The show started super late, around 10p. Nightosaur was the first band to play; their triceratops logo made me happy. Although the performance itself was good, the vocals didn’t do a whole lot for me- they were a little off key, which didn’t really fit with the traditional heavy metal that they were playing. Honestly, the vocals reminded me a little bit of Dead Kennedys-type punk vocals, and I think they’d make a lot more sense in that context. Props to the drummer, though; he covered both Nightosaur’s set and United Teachers of Music’s afterwards.

Next up was United Teachers of Music, who played what a friend described as “Tenacious D meets speed metal.” This set certainly had a hardcore vibe behind it, and the yelled vocals fit very well. The band itself amused me because they looked like the most unlikely people to ever be on a stage together, but they played a very strong set and it was clear that they’re very comfortable with one another. Clearly I still have a lot to learn about the Twin Cities scene and the bits where traditional heavy metal and rock and roll intersect with the famous punk scene.

I was talking with a friend outside and missed the first part of Bible of the Devil, but they played a pretty lengthy set so I was able to see a good chunk of it. Rather than straight up heavy metal, Bible of the Devil leans more towards heavy rock, which put off a couple of people I talked to. However, the majority of the crowd response was unexpectedly good; several people were singing along with the songs, and it was clear that Bible of the Devil is pretty well known up here (Chicago is kind of our sister city for these things, I suppose, but then I’m still new at all this). I enjoyed the set, anyway, and I’m glad that I got the chance to see Bible of the Devil finally.

Last but certainly not least was The Lord Weird Slough Feg. As I mentioned above, I have barely skimmed the surface of Slough Feg’s vast catalog- mainly I know what I’ve heard played at Into the Void. I, therefore, felt like the total dweeb in the crowd that didn’t know every single word to every single song. It was incredible; the crowd was just absolutely crazy, and I learned that a friend of mine had seen Slough Feg three times before! It was nuts. I guess I had no idea how passionate Slough Feg’s fans were.

It very quickly became clear to me, however, just why that is. I honestly have to say- and I have been to a LOT of metal shows in my day- that Slough Feg was one of the most fun times I’ve had at a show. Admittedly, I’m not usually going for the standard kind of fun; Sargeist isn’t “fun,” but they are great nonetheless. However, Slough Feg was the very definition of the word: the band seemed absolutely stoked to be playing, and the vocalist was grinning from ear to ear the entire time, putting his hat on several of the girls in the crowd and feeding off of the energy from the room. At one point, there was even some shoving going on, indicative of the good humor of the crowd since Slough Feg isn’t really a moshy show. Despite being a mere youngling in my knowledge of Slough Feg’s music, I left the show with a strong desire to read a lot of comic books and the dream that I, too, could save the universe lingering in my head.

I didn’t pick up any merch from the show (although the t-shirt that Slough Feg had with the dog in armor was pretty fantastic), as I am still quite broke from my Chicago trip. However, my friend N gave me the Morbid Year of the Goat LP that he picked up for me from Deathfest. If I have time (I have so many grandiose plans), I may post a thing about it- like the CD, it’s a really nice package.
I’m really glad I went to see Slough Feg, as it was a nice break from the usual for me. Plus, some of my friends who are burned out on the more extreme stuff were there too, so I got to party with them. It was a really fun time; a good break from doom and death.