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Here I am, still alive. I have been VERY bad about updating, following a crash in terms of my depression. Well, that on top of trying to figure out school, since this is my last semester of coursework. But I’m back now, I think- I’m certainly getting more into my traditional geeky metal historian self, and I’ve finished one of the reviews that I was supposed to do for Burning Fist (Iskald). I also will be doing a couple more reviews from them, and have here in my hot little hand the new Teitanblood as well as a couple of new releases from some local bands that are quite fantastic (like Noble Beast, i.e. the only power metal band you are ever going to see on here). Also I’ve got to do some gushing about Folge Dem Wind, a band I’m reviewing for Burning Fist and one that you need to know, as well as giving my thoughts on the new Mayhem stuff. And probably posting pics of the jacket, which it occurs to me that I haven’t done in a long time.

I’m hoping to also do reviews of the new Behemoth, with which I was pleasantly surprised, and Alcest if I can ever get around to listening to it. Also I’m going to see Carcass Friday, so I will try to do a live report of that.

Blah. Lots of stuff, and I have a positive outlook right now. Hoping to keep up with that- try not to focus on the fact that I pretty much can’t afford to go to Maryland Deathfest this year after all- and just plunge myself into metal geekery.

Hails, and sorry again for delays.



Selim Lemouchi

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This is just a bit overdue, in more ways than one. But, now it’s spring break and I can hear myself think again, and I’ve had some time to digest the news of Selim Lemouchi’s death. Honestly, I’m very, deeply sad about this. The Devil’s Blood is one of the most inspirational live acts I’ve ever seen, and I find myself increasingly grateful that I got to see them play an extended set on the Decibel Tour before they broke up (I knew there would be other opportunities to see Watain). Selim Lemouchi’s solo stuff is also incredible- I need to get me a copy of that album.

As J and I were discussing the other day, it could have been a heart attack, but 33 is awful young for that sort of thing, and things like In Solitude’s lovely post and the complete silence from Selim’s sister make us think that this was a suicide in the vein of Jon N√∂dtveidt. In which case, if it was, I am sure he had his reasons. Regardless of what actually happened, we have one less brilliant creative mind in the world.

The important thing is that I got to see Selim play live and had the honor of saying hello after the show, an experience for which I am extremely grateful.

Reign in Chaos, Selim. See you on the other side; give Jon our regards.

RIC Selim Lemouchi  (1980-2013) Photo from

RIC Selim Lemouchi
Photo from