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Battle Jacket Update

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FINALLY! I have finished sewing my Funeral Mist back patch! I hand stitched it all around the patch, looping around the embroidery. And then I went back through and did some reinforcement stitching. And it took a long time and I have a cramp in my hand. But this weekend I finally had a chance to finish it!

[Here she is! Admittedly, it looks just like the other pictures. But there are no pins this time! Only my careful, painstaking stitches!]

[Closer up. I did pretty good, I think, although there are a couple of places where you can see the stitches if you were to look closely at it in person]

As far as planning goes, I have my Gorgoroth patch I can put on, and my Arne Babb patch. The latter I will need an iron for, because it’s an iron on. Which is a little pointless, I think. I’ll be sewing it to reinforce the sides and corners anyway. Ah well.

I also ordered a patch of Dead from Mayhem. It’s a smaller one, which is nice, because the other ones I have seen are all back patches (and I already have a back patch. It’s sewn). I’m also going to get a Marduk strip to put up above that seamline right above the back patch.

Basically, then, I have now spent grandma’s graduation present. But my battle jacket is coming together! I have decided to leave the sleeves on because I’m moving further north. It will be hot this summer when I wear it to see Marduk, but letting Mortuus know that Funeral Mist has a fan in the Midwest is more important. And when whoever awesome comes in the fall/winter, it will be comfy to wear.




Concert: Cannibal Corpse Torture Tour 2012 (4/16, Des Moines, IA. People’s Court)

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Monday night was the tail end of metal weekend- Cannibal Corpse and Exhumed. Too bad Watain ended up cancelling Sunday, that would have been excellent. But it was not to be (though I’m keeping my ears perked for reschedules) and this metal weekend will have to suffice (and will, really. My neck still hurts). On with the death metal!

The first band that opened was a band from California called Arkaik. They seemed pretty good; I’m not big into death metal so I have a hard time sometimes determining. Their drummer, however, was amazing. Skinny kid, and he destroyed that kit.

[Seriously. Watch that guy.]

The next band was Abysmal Dawn. I’m much more a fan of this kind of death metal- Morbid Angel-esque. I like my death metal thrashy, rather than techy or brutal (don’t get me wrong. I’ll never turn it down live, but I don’t need to listen to a lot of it).

[This song reminds me a little of Immolation. And perhaps I haven’t gone on here yet about how I love Immolation, but they are my favorite death metal band. As I said, this is much more my kind of death metal]

Next up was Exhumed! I love Exhumed; I got to see them last July as well, and they were fantastic (even though the air was broken in the Mews… hottest, most miserable show I’ve ever been to). Exhumed is another band I’m really fond of; they’re gore-grind, and I love me some good grindcore. They also always work their own merch booth, or they have the times I have seen them. They are really nice guys as well as being a great live band. They also never got as big as they should have, so supporting them is kind of like rooting for the underdogs. They are some of the goodguys.

[Off their newest album, All Guts, No Glory. Great song]

Exhumed upped the ante with the theatrics this time- they had a dude dressed in bloody surgeon’s gear run out onstage with a chainsaw at one point, and then at the end the guy came back out holding a fake head and dumped fake blood on the people in the front of the crowd. As a big fan of old cult horror movies and B-movies, I love Exhumed’s silly horror schtick.


[This is the t-shirt I got. They are exactly like that]

Cannibal Corpse finished off the night… it was incredible. They are one of those bands I have always appreciated because I find great amusement in titles like “Entrails Ripped from a Virgin’s Cunt,” but I have never really gotten into them. Like I said before, black metal is my thing, and death metal is still largely foreign territory to me. Because of that, the only song they played that was really distinguishable to me was “Hammer Smashed Face.” However, that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself immensely; when I heard they were coming through Des Moines, I knew I did not want to miss this opportunity. And I’m glad I did; just watching their bassist play live was worth the $20 I paid for the ticket.

One of the best parts of death metal, I think, is the humour that a lot of the bands bring to it. Cannibal Corpse is no exception; at one point, Corpsegrinder challenged a guy who claimed he could headbang faster than him. It was no contest, of course. My friend says that Corpsegrinder’s neck is a national treasure, and it should be, as he has not yet managed to paralyze himself.

[Really. How is he up and walking around?]

I was starting to fade a little towards the end of the set- I had not quite recovered from seeing Behemoth at that point, and my neck was starting to really hurt. It was a fantastic show though. The mosh pit was a good one too, as it often is when people are happy. Cannibal Corpse played 20 songs- about an hour and a half. We had a great time, and this show provided a nice contrast to the previous night’s occultism. I highly recommend catching this tour if you can. Some seriously great musicians with some seriously great personalities. A whole lot of talent on one stage.



New Track: Marduk- Souls for Belial

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Pssst- hey. Because Decibel is amazing, you can hear another new track off the Marduk album here, for all us fans who don’t live in Sweden and can’t get a copy of the magazine where they released the single. You’re welcome.

Concert: 2012 Decibel Tour [Behemoth, The Devil’s Blood, In Solitude- no Watain](4/14, St. Paul, MN. Station 4)

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So Saturday night I went to the Decibel Tour in St. Paul (and stopped at a record store on the way, in which I finally found a copy of the Ghost album!). The line outside the door was huge; Behemoth took a picture of it and posted it on their Facebook. I’ve never waited in line before- then again, I guess I usually miss the doors. Anyway, we saw the blood guy. He had a bucket in a plastic bag and said it was for the bands and “it was melting.” When we got inside the merch table was swamped, but when the intro music came on, everyone cleared out to go watch In Solitude, which I thought was fantastic. It’s not often that people will get that excited about the openers.

[This was their intro music. It’s from the 60s, when nuns recording creepy Catholic songs was apparently a big thing for a while.]

In Solitude came on after that terrifying intro, and they completely destroyed. I figured they would be good live- they looked like they would be in the vids I’d seen online- but I did not expect them to be that level of good, which made them one of my favorite parts of the evening. They were absolutely fantastic (and, I just learned that they are VERY young, which makes them even more exciting. We need young blood in this business.).

[A good reason to leave the merch table for later. Unfortunately you can’t hear Pelle’s voice very well here.]

Their vocalist was absolutely mesmerizing. He was wearing some kind of animal around his neck, which was a costuming choice I have not seen before. His hair was also matted with blood and he had some on his hands as well (that’s what the bucket was for). He kept doing this thing with his hands and… well, just watch the guy.

[Early 20s. They’re in their early 20s. Holy crap.]

At one point he fell down on the stage and I was seriously worried for a second, but he got up again and was fine. A wonderful way to open the night, and both In Solitude and The Devil’s Blood got to play longer sets, which was a great consolation prize for not getting to see Watain. I picked up their newest album as well as a signed flexi-disc (they were selling the Decibel ones!) and a button.

The Devil’s Blood came on next, and though I will post a video here, I warn you that nothing can compare to watching this live. Their vocalist is amazing, and she does meditate on stage. When the band is playing she stands there with her arms spread and just stares off into space. It is incredibly creepy.

[She does this. The entire time. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever seen.]

While the vocalist was the only guy from In Solitude that I noticed had blood on him, these guys were covered in it. The crowd was great for their performance as well; they freaked out when the band started to play “The Thousandfold Epicentre,” and during the really quiet parts they were calm.

[Catchy as Hell.]

The Devil’s Blood is stunning live, and you should see them if you get a chance. My friend says they were even better than Ghost (I missed that one, unfortunately). I got a copy of their newest album, which says “lyrics received by etc.” in the credits. Amazing.

Then it was time to move up as close as possible for the mighty Behemoth! The crowd started chanting for them and for Nergal, and they came out and started with this:

[Holy crap, Batman.]

As you can expect, the crowd erupted. I’m told there was a mosh pit, but I don’t know- the surge carried me up smack against the backs of the guys in the front, and I had to use every ounce of my strength in my tiny wimpy arms to push people out of my spot so I could see/breathe. Nergal… I don’t think the man blinked the entire time he was onstage. He has a crazy intense stare, and he was glaring at us the whole time. Orion is a freaking giant in real life- I swear his biceps are comparable in size to my head. He’d take a drink of water and spew it on the crowd (which actually felt nice, it was so freaking hot in there).

[There was some of this.]

At one point, Nergal yelled “It feels good to be alive!” which of course made the crowd go nuts. He looked super healthy and like he was doing very well. I was surprised that they used so few props onstage. Really the only things they had were some risers for them to stand on and a couple of metal insignia things. I had expected them to have more props, but they didn’t need them. I think Behemoth is one of those bands who is very aptly named- their sound took up the entire venue.

One thing that really impressed me about Behemoth was the fact that Nergal was not center stage the entire time. They would often switch around, and he’d go over and play with Seth for a bit, and then they’d go stand on the risers and let Orion thrash around like the freaking beast he is in the center stage. I was looking forward to chanting along with “Daimonos,” so I was a little bummed they didn’t play that one, but then Nergal went and put on that crazy headdress of his and they ended with this, which totally made up for it:

[Endless thanks to the people who uploaded these vids from the show Saturday.]

I got a Behemoth t-shirt, and it says “Phoenix Rising” on it, which I think is just fantastic. Those of us who have tickets to see them on their triumphant return are really lucky. Those of you who going to see them are in for a hell of a time; Behemoth is at the top of their game.


After the show, we got to hang out with some of the bands. We went over to shake In Solitude’s hands and tell them how absolutely awesome they were, and we got to watch one of the guys from The Devil’s Blood argue with some people about Norwegian versus Swedish metal (he was sticking up for Sweden of course, half of the tour being Swedes), which was hilarious. We waited about an hour by the tour bus, talking to the guys from In Solitude every once in a while, waiting for Behemoth to come by. They finally did, and Orion stood outside the bus and signed posters and took pictures for a while. I was going to try and get my picture with him, but he was trying to get back in the bus and looked really tired, so I settled for complementing him on a great show and left it at that.

In summation, if you have tickets to the Decibel Tour, go and have a great time. If you don’t, get a ticket. Those of you who are going to get to see Watain, my ability to comprehend that tour has already been stretched to its limit and I cannot possibly imagine what it will be like to have those guys up there too. Hopefully Watain will make it back out to the Midwest for a makeup run (you can bet I will be making a lot of noise about it if they do) and I will get to see them as well. If you do go, be absolutely sure you don’t miss In Solitude or The Devil’s Blood- they are probably the best openers I have ever seen, and you’ll regret it if you do.



Pre-Decibel Tour Update

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Well, the time is nigh. It’s been a completely crazy week- I finally decided on a PhD program for the fall and am finishing up coursework for the rest of the semester (still have the black metal term paper, but hey, that’s like brain candy). Thought I would give an update on concerts and whatnot before they all happen.

Sad news- Watain is having Visa trouble and they won’t make it stateside until Sunday. I seriously kind of teared up a bit. Very very very sad day for us- they will be playing the show the next night but they won’t be here the nights my friends and I would have been able to see them. There have been murmurs of a makeup show sometime in May, though, so keep the faith, fellow Des Moinesians. They might make it back through here.

The good news is that the other bands are all here, and apparently the first couple of dates have been fantastic. I absolutely cannot wait to see Behemoth, the Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude. All great bands that will maybe…? get to lengthen their sets a little to make up for the absence of  Watain. Or maybe they will get a local band to pick up the slot- the Twin Cities has some killer local acts that I will try to review on here at some point (False being my favorite).

I also got my Decibel Tour lanyard in the mail today! It’s very rad.


Also, the battle jacket is underway! Alas, it won’t be ready in time for this weekend, but it will be ready for June 9 (Marduk! I swear, if anybody messes with their Visas, I will personally call the people responsible and scream at them). Which is appropriate- I got my Funeral Mist backpatch and it looks awesome.


I’ve gotten about halfway through sewing it. I’m hand-stitching. My mom, who can sew anything, told me to loop the thread around the embroidery, and it looks really good. You can’t even see the stitching.

Well, we’ve got a busy weekend planned- record store visiting (we’re going to some of the underground punk stores in Minneapolis), good food, and metal. It’s been a horribly long week, too, so I’m going to drink some tea and then collapse. I will update with reviews from the shows, however…



For Dead…

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21 years ago today, black metal lost one of its greatest vocalists. A brilliant vocalist, lyricist, performer, and artist, he took his own life at only 22 years old.

[I have no idea where I got these pictures, but they’ve been floating around for years and have been on my computer for ages. If I need to credit someone, please let me know.]

One of these days perhaps I’ll find the words to write coherently about the way this boy’s story has haunted me, but I haven’t found them yet. So I’ll just listen to some Morbid and old school Mayhem in his honor, and leave it at that.

[“Dead” (Per Yngve Ohlin), January 16, 1969-April 8, 1991]

You are missed, Pelle. I sincerely hope that you found the peace you were searching for, and that your rest is a quiet one.

**EDIT** I did want to point out that the actual date is April 8, not April 9. I wrote and posted this when it was still April 8 my time, so perhaps I should change my clock…

Recent Acquirements and Battle Jacket Planning

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Recently my grandmother sent me $100 for graduation in May. Naturally, I’m spending it on things she probably would not approve of, but that’s the way I have always done (she always was confused why I would rather spend my money on music and music merch than clothes). Much of this has been music, more than I had planned on, actually.

First I visited the F.Y.E. in West Des Moines, which has an amazing metal section. There I filled in a hole in my collection and purchased Satyricon’s Now, Diabolical. It’s very rock-based (my friend calls it “black metal for strip clubs”) and I can see why fans of Satyricon’s old stuff may have been turned off by it, but I really enjoy it.

[The whole album is great, but I’ve been listening to this song a lot.  I like the horns here.]

Plus they did include this bonus track to let the old school fans know that they hadn’t forgotten their roots.

That one had been on my list for quite some time. As had the new Gorgoroth, Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt. (A couple of years ago I could have translated that off the top of my head. Now, not so much). I really like this album; it’s my first Gorgoroth to own, though I listen to them pretty regularly on Pandora/Spotify/what-have-you. It’s a great comeback album after the band almost fell apart.

[Rebirth of Gorgoroth, indeed.]

At first I was a bit concerned, because, and I know all you hardcore Gorgoroth fans/kvlt types are going to hate me for this, I have a very hard time listening to Pest’s vocals on their older stuff. Under the Sign of Hell is a great album musically, but I can hardly listen to it because of the trebly, fingernails-on-a-chalkboard shrieks. Pest’s vocals sound REALLY good on Quantos; he sounds a lot better (in my unprofessional opinion. I know some will disagree) with a better mixing.

My copy of Quantos also came with a patch! With this plus my completely awesome Arne Babb patch (you can see it here:, I decided it was nigh time I began my battle jacket. Every time I go to shows I see them and I want one, so two patches tells me it is time to start.

After perusing a few thrift stores, I finally found what I was looking for in a small town not far from here for $1. I wanted to go the thrift store route because I figured something worn would be easier to sew. I stumbled across this jacket, which is nice as it is thin and can be easily sewn onto, as well as lightweight (since those venues can get warm). It is also big enough that I can easily wear some kind of hoodie or jacket underneath it for when it is cold. It is also a women’s size, which is fine by me. I don’t object to wearing guy stuff (I don’t buy girlie shirts, for instance, as a men’s size small I know will fit me perfectly whereas girlie shirts tend to vary depending on the shirt), but I think a guy’s jacket would swallow me and look silly. I have yet to decide if I will cut off the sleeves or not- I’m going to pin things on and then determine which will look better before I permanently cut/sew.


[Of course it must be black or grey.]

After much pondering, I decided that my back patch will be of the lovely Funeral Mist. It will be nice to rep them as they are awesome and more people should listen to Funeral Mist, but also because it is a rectangular patch and will be easy to sew around for my first jacket. I will wag pictures of it around here as soon as it comes in, I can guarantee you that.

Other purchases I made include the new Napalm Death album (my friend bought the last one at F.Y.E., and then I immediately went and ordered it online because, dude, Napalm Death), which I will do a review of shortly. It’s really fantastic. I also filled in another hole in my collection with Dissection’s The Somberlain, which convinced me that Dissection really is one of the most interesting black metal bands out there.

[After listening to it a million times, I have decided this is one of the best songs ever]

The Somberlain is a cool album because it’s Dissection’s first full-length. The band is still really young, so the sound is still kind of raw, but they’d been playing together for quite a while and gel really well. It also has several acoustic interludes which break up the album in an interesting way.

[Like this one.]

Really glad I added that one. I also, after reading the Slayer Mag Diaries, had my appetite whetted for an actual copy of the famed ‘zine. And I found one! On Nuclear War Now ( It’s Slayer Mag XX, the final issue of the ‘zine. It came out in 2010, I think, and since I picked up the amazing Slayer Mag Diaries I have been lamenting that I didn’t get my hands on it then. But now I have.

[That’s E from Watain on the cover there…]

Slayer XX is a really good issue for me to have gotten my hands on, I think. It’s the last one, so Metalion dedicated it “to all those who died”- like Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection, Quorthon of Bathory (aptly), and of course, Dead and Euronymous. There are dedications to these guys throughout the zine, which is both thoughtful and cool. It is also a good issue for big geeks of the Swedish scene like me, as it has quite a bit of Watain, a great interview with Arioch from Funeral Mist, a special on Morbid, as the compilation Year of the Goat had just been released (I will need to talk about that soon too) and the last (?) interview with Nifelheim. A very cool buy worth every penny of the $10 (plus shipping) I paid for it. I plan on taking it with me to the Watain show on the 15th lest they decide to hang out after, as having their autographs on this thing would be too sweet. My first dealing with NWN! also went really well- the guy who runs the distro was very helpful and attentive as far as making sure I knew what was up every step of the way. I got the zine in about a week and it was packaged very nicely so as to make sure it was not damaged. I highly recommend them.

Whew. Well, that’s how it’s gone so far (and the $100 is still not all spent!). Trying to decide what to do with the rest of it, but in the meantime, I will start typing up a post on the current Swedish scene and work on a review of the new Napalm Death. Until then…